Reducing prices of basic necessities more important, says Raila

Fomer Prime Minister Raila Odinga. FILE PHOTO
Fomer Prime Minister Raila Odinga. FILE PHOTO

Reducing the prices of basic necessities will be more helpful to Kenyans than expected wage increments. This is according to Raila Odinga, who said wage increments help Kenyans but the high standards of living have destabilized many Kenyans. Speaking at Uhuru Park during the Labour Day celebrations, Raila said even if salaries are increased, bus fares, house rents and food prices will also subsequently increase, “When we reduce those prices then there is no need to increase salaries,” he said.

He said leaders decided to bury the hatchet and work together to solve the problems Kenyans face, “We know the problems Kenyans have and we know the problems we as a nation have and how our people suffered and we wanted to bring a lasting solution that’s why we decided to unite,” he quipped.

Moreover, the former Prime Minister withdrew the directive to boycott companies that had allegedly united with Jubilee during last year’s general elections, saying at that time they (NASA) were disappointed with the companies, which included Safaricom, Brookside, among others. He said at the moment, the unity and peace initiative paves the way for everyone to use the products and that the directive is no longer operational as a result.

Raila affirmed NASA’s support for development, saying there are issues that need to be dealt with in the country quickly, including job creation, adding that Kenya is facing three major issues that need to be resolved; disease, ignorance and poverty.