Corruption corroding devolution, says Raila

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. FILE PHOTO
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. FILE PHOTO
Former Prime minister Raila Odinga has called on County governments to work harmoniously with their County assemblies to hasten the gains of devolution. Addressing delegates at the 5th Devolution Conference today, Hon. Raila Odinga reiterated the need for smooth relations between the executive and legislative arms at the county level.

He said the continued battles between the two arms of government  compromise service delivery as some Counties struggle to have important bills and motions passed in the assemblies.

The former premier said the pay policy should also be streamlined to encourage qualified personnel and expertise to work in the counties.

He cautioned both the national and County governments against engaging in corruption adding that the vice can easily erode the tremendous gains realized by devolution.

“A number of MCAs county executives, county assembly speakers, majority and minority leaders have focused on securing contracts for personal gains and forgotten their duties as public servants.” Reiterated the former premier.

Raila said that MCAs rather than playing their oversight roles have indulged themselves in money hunting tactics fighting the cabinets proposed by the governors unless they are paid.
“Some county governments still lack a cabinet simply because the governors have not paid MCAs to pass the names of their nominees, these vice is eating devolution inside out and it has to be stopped immediately,” said Raila.

Host Governor Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya thanked Hon. Raila for his efforts of safeguarding devolution. Raila addressed the devolution conference on the second day of the conference.