Raila criticizes bid by MP to trim DPP’s powers in the midst of graft war

Raila Odinga at the Huduma Number registration at Likoni in Mombasa County
Raila Odinga at the Huduma Number registration at Likoni in Mombasa County

Former premier Raila Odinga ahs faulted the plan by Kihoro MP Ndidi Nyoro to reduce the DPP’s powers when it comes to prosecution of cases. Nyoro, who is Deputy President William Ruto’s ally, wants to trim DPP Noordin Haji’s power to determine the fate of investigations and has also proposed an amendment to the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act. Speaking during the launch of the Huduma Namba registartion at Likoni in Mombasa, Raila questioned Nyoro’s thinking behind the move, “When people are in teh fight against corruption, you see that it’s the tie to reduce the powers of the DPP, the DCI, to shackle him so that he doesn’t do his work.”

The Director of Public Prosecutions has already complained about the move, and has cited a violation of the Constitution which gives the DPP powers to prosecute and undertake criminal proceedings against anyone and to discontinue the same. The ODM leader said so far no one has been sentenced, and investigations are still ongoing, “If investigations are still ongoing and you are complaining that they are targeting you….no one has mentioned your name. If you know you are one of the thieves, then surrender once and for all,” he said.

On the NIIMS registration, Raila said the registration is key to the government’s planning for the nation. He said teh government must know how many people require services, “That all will be possible if the government will have a way of making things easier.” He said the trend of the world has changed, in the midst of a digital age. Raila said some people haven’t understood the roll out well, and that’s why they’ve sought solace in the court, adding that the NIIMS registration is a must since it’s meant to help Kenyans. “It’s been brought in to help Kenyans.”