Railway residents in Lugari living in fear due to attacks by evil spirits

Railway residents at the home of Mzee Maritim
Railway residents at the home of Mzee Maritim

Residents of Railway village in Lumakanda location in Lugari sub county are living in fear following shocking incidents that have taken place the village for the past one week.

Speaking to West Media, disturbed residents said they have been forced to spend sleepless night due to a strange trend where stones are being thrown at their houses, by what are believed to be demons.

According to 78-year-old Mzee Maritim Boit the incident started on his house on the night of 9th February, 2020. “It started on Sunday at about 9pm when I had just retired to bed. I heard an object falling on the roof of my house but I ignored, few minutes later I heard another one and they continued falling until about midnight before they stopped, but since I’ve lost my eyesight, going outside would’ve just been a waste of time,” explained Mzee Maritim.

He said on Monday the throwing of stones started at around 7pm forcing him to raise an alarm that attracted attention of neighbors.

Despite the residents’ presence at the scene, the throwing of stones didn’t stop and they even spread to the neighbouring house and the incident has been going on for the last six days.

Efforts by the youths to keep vigil have been futile as the alleged evil spirits are not scared by their presence and have continued executing their mission. “We organized a security team to keep vigil but as we were seated together at night a big stone fell just right there among us forcing us to scattered in different directions,” said Sammy Mahingu.

The avocado tree which was cut by residents in an attempt to nab the culprit
The avocado tree which was cut by residents in an attempt to nab the culprit

He said they later regrouped and armed with crude weapons and torches continued keeping watch when they realized the stones were being thrown from one of the avocado trees in Mzee Maritim’s compound.

“We thought the person throwing stones was hiding on the top of that tree and we decided to cut it down at about 11pm. Shocking when we started cutting the tree the stones stopped but immediately it fell on the ground the stones continued falling from the same position,” said Brian Masaai.

The residents said apart from the stones sometimes human footsteps are heard on the roof of their houses but the person walking is invisible.

“It is shocking that those throwing these stones are invisible but the stones being thrown are visible, look how they are scattered all over,” said Masai.

Residents said that efforts to seek divine interventions by organizing prayers have also failed to tame the situation. “On Wednesday we invited a team of pastors here but shockingly as they were cursing the spirits the stones continued falling,” they said. They now live in fear as they ponder on their next step that will contain the situation.