Relief for Sossion after Labour Court suspends KNUT’s decision to oust him

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion
KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion

Wilson Sossion has been reinstated as KNUT Secretary-General by the Employment and Labour Relations Court, pending the hearing of an application challenging the NEC meeting that happened on August 29th, leading to his ouster. On Monday, Judge Hellen Wasilwa suspended the decision by the KNUT National Executive Council to suspend Sossion, who had challenged the legality of the NEC meeting. He has also been allowed to access his office and the KNUT bank account.

The decision highlights the underlying wrangles at the teachers’ union, with the Union embroiled in a disagreement with the Teachers Service Commission. Hesbon Otieno had been placed in an acting capacity in place of Sossion, and together with KNUT Chairman Wycliffe Omucheyi, had faulted Sossion’s leadership and time at the helm. Prior to the meeting focused on his removal, KNUT Secretary General Sossion had obtained a court order barring the meeting.

He had maintained a tough stance, “Sossion is an individual, he will come and go, but as of now he is the elected substantive Secretary General of KNUT, and I am not quitting, go and tell them,” said Sossion to the press before his initial suspension. On the other hand, KUPPET officials have urged teachers to shift camp from KNUT, saying they have been caught in an unwanted tussle between KNUT and TSC, and that they’ll enjoy the 2017-2021 CBA-another contentious issue-better under KUPPET.