Relief for Western residents, business community over completion of electricity projects

The electricity transmission company KETRACO has specified that applications will be received before Thursday, 31st December, 5PM

Western region is likely to receive more investors in the near future immediately after the completion of major electricity projects being done by electricity supply company KETRACO.

According to the managing director of the company Mr. Fernandez Barasa, Ketraco company has put in place plans to complete some of its major projects in Western region. The projects will help to solve the problem of regular power outages, a situation that affects negatively the economy of the region. The problem has been seen as a major turn off for investors.

Speaking to West Media in his office in Nairobi, Barasa said the electricity projects that intend to increase the supply of electricity in the region start from Kisumu, Kakamega, Bungoma to Busia. People and the business community from the Counties affected are set to benefit from the electricity projects.

Barasa said that KETRACO has so far helped to install 2500 new electricity lines across the country plus 50 new electricity stations.

Barasa however outlined some of the challenges the company is facing, including the destruction of electricity material in the power stations or the power lines. He also mentioned under funding from the government and non governmental organizations.

The KETRACO managing director has urged people from areas set to benefit from the projects to work hand in hand with the company in order to enjoy the services.