Religion key to fostering peace and education in Kerio Valley.

West Pokot governor John Lonyangapuo
West Pokot governor John Lonyangapuo

Religion in West Pokot County has played a critical role in stabilizing peace and fostering education along the border of West Pokot and other counties.

In places where there were no schools due to insecurity and banditry attacks the church has taken a big role in instilling the gospel of peace and embracing criminals and thus giving an opportunity to end attacks and put up schools.

A section of West Pokot leaders have applauded church leaders on focusing on peace and education as they urged other churches to also tore the line and erect more schools along the border in collaboration with the national government.

Speaking during a burial ceremony of the late Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya ELCK  Bishop Samson Lokipuna at Murkwijit West Pokot County a section of leaders noted that the peace being experienced along the Turkana and West Pokot border was brought up by  church leaders who sacrificed their lives for the sake of peace.

The area governor John Lonyangapuo noted that the bishops have been praying and fasting tirelessly for peace to be experienced along the borders.

“The churches started by the Bishop are uncountable; the education sector has been spearheaded by the church.” He said.

He added that the incoming Bishops should emulate the old Bishops in the society who put their self interest behind and focus on establishing new schools.

“If the church decides to build a school in a particular area let us support the idea with providing resources and allowing our kids to go to school that will change the narrative.” He said.

Kapenguria constituency Member of Parliament Samuel Moroto applauded teachers for teaching and training students in a religious manner which has helped to bring up a generation with good morals.

He said the church should also stand up and warn politicians against dividing Kenyans in tribal political parties.

He tasked churches to unite Kenyans and spearhead development across the country.

“In West Pokot County we need a university headed by the church. When will we get one, the church has played a critical role in shaping my lifestyle. I once lived like in a volatile area but after churches were built everyone confined in the church and our lifestyles changed.” He added

Late Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya ELCK  Bishop Samson Lokipuna
Late Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya ELCK Bishop Samson Lokipuna

The late Lokipuna was Bishop of ELCK North West Diocese Kenya.