Religious leaders urged to champion for peaceful elections

The African Israel Nineveh Archbishop Evans Chadiva Amugune
The African Israel Nineveh Archbishop Evans Chadiva Amugune
Religious leaders should take a leading role in ensuring their followers approach next week’s General Elections in peace and freedom to choose leaders of their choices.

Speaking in Likuyani Sub County, the African Israel Nineveh Church Archbishop Evans Chadiva Amugune said religious  leaders  should encourage their followers to tolerate each other despite their political affiliations as campaign season takes centre stage.
He said they are trying their best to minimise division in their churches which accommodates members who pledge loyalty to different political parties or leaders.
He encouraged believers in different religious groups to distance themselves from partisan politics even though they have democratic rights to support candidates of their choice.
Amugune believes that when religious leaders succeed in bringing their followers together during the election period, rogue political leaders will have no room for hate politics.
“We are encouraging our followers to understand why it is important to participate peacefully in an election process,” said the archbishop.
He said the church houses people who support different political lines which calls for the religious leaders to encourage free democratic participation while shunning hate and division politics.
“Let them have leaders of their choices in their hearts, void of heated political debates that can result in hate and sharp division,” he insisted, urging Kenyans to elect leaders who don’t propagate hate among peace loving Kenyans.