Remains of a man who disappeared last year discovered in a Lugari river

Mzee Fredrick Amata when he spoke to the media at his home
Mzee Fredrick Amata when he spoke to the media at his home

Grief has gripped Lumakanda Township village in Lugari Sub County after the skeleton of a 27-year-old man who disappeared last year was discovered in Murgus river.

According to Mzee Fredrick Amata, his son Peter Indalu went missing on 14th November last year and efforts to search for him have been futile before his remains were discovered in the river. “We contacted all friends and our relatives and searched everywhere unsuccessfully,” said Amata adding that he even reported the incident at the Lumakanda police station.

He said the remains were discovered by men who were scooping sand from the river on Tuesday evening.

Amata said they managed to identify him by the trouser he was wearing the day he went missing. “We only found his skeleton with nothing to help us identify him apart from the trouser, even the shirt had been washed away,” explained Amata.

The family requested to be allowed to bury the remains claiming to have no complains about his death.

They said the deceased was a drunkard and they had on several occasion warned him against  risking his life by crossing the river on a log bridge while drunk but he ignored.

They said on the day he disappeared he had been seen drunk across the river and they believe  he slipped from the bridge and drowned while returning home.