Residents in Tinderet fault the state of Labuiywo bridge following heavy rainfall

State of Labuiywo bridge
State of Labuiywo bridge

Residents of Labuiywo area in Tinderet constituency in Nandi county have decried the poor state of bridges and roads in the region which has paralysed transportation services. 
Led by their spokesperson Mr Paul Kirui, the residents said the roads in the region are impassable due to the heavy rainfall, which has also swept away almost all the bridges forcing them to use long alternative routes to reach to their destinations.

Kirui said Labuiywo bridge which connects Gubere-Maraba-Meteitei and Timboroa road was handed over to Sobetra company for construction by the government 3 years ago but to date nothing much has been done and the poor state of the bridge is risking the lives of people and animals. He said that residents have incurred heavy losses as a result of the heavy rainfall and both the county and national governments have been urged to intervene and help the residents.

Two boda boda operators escaped death narrowly and nearly plunged into the river. The river had flooded the bridge following heavy downpour. The region is also prone to mudslides and at least 30 families have been displaced since the onset of the heavy rainfall.