Shock as cow delivers a two-legged calf in Marofu, Kimilili

The two-legged calf
The two-legged calf

Residents of Marofu village in Kamukuywa ward in Kimilili constituency have been left astonished after a cow belonging to Eliud Simiyu delivered a two-legged calf on Friday.

In an exclusive interview, Simiyu said his cow was well throughout the nine months and when it was about to deliver he availed himself to help it deliver and to his surprise it did not have the front legs.

He said despite the rare feature the calf is very healthy and he has to always assist it to suckle saying the issue has proved to be a very strenuous exercise to him as he has been forced to abandon all his other duties to help it the moment it needs to suckle.

Mr. Simiyu disclosed that the cow has been healthy all along and did not expect that it would deliver such a calf saying his family together with the village mates are coming to terms saying previously some were suggesting that they kill the calf.

He called upon those who take care of such deformed animals to consider visiting him and taking the calf for proper care saying it will also be an opportunity for the world to know that such an animal exists in the world.

One of the neighbours, 89-year-old Joseph Nyongesa said since he was born he has never seen such an incident, adding that it’s God’s own creation and also called for help to ensure the calf undergoes proper care.