Residents protest poor service delivery at Korosiandet dispensary

Residents said service delivery is poor at the facility

Operations were paralyzed at Korosiandet dispensary after villagers held peaceful demonstrations citing poor management of the facility.

The villagers led by Leonard Wetunde, said one of the clinical nurses in charge of Linda Mama program has been harassing and using the vulgar language to mothers giving birth.

“We have a nurse in this facility who lacks good public relations. He always uses abusive language when addressing expectant mothers who are seeking services from the dispensary,” said Wetunde.

They also accused some of the board members in the hospital management for selling public properties without consent of the full board.

“We are really disappointed with the board of management, how can three members out of nine agree to sell all trees in the compound just to renovate broken window panes and county government released over Kshs 1 million for renovations,” said Job Chemengu.

Chemengu said the facility may be affected by strong winds after all trees were cut down.

They appealed to the County government through the ministry of health to intervene and address their plight.

However, efforts by West Media to speak to the nurse in charge Ronald Wanyonyi proved futile as he refused to pick our calls.

On other hand, the board chairman Robert Chemwotei refuted the claims saying all members of the board were aware of what happened but mislead the public.