Shock as dog gives birth to eight-legged puppy in Lugari

The deformed puppy
The deformed puppy

Residents of Mbaya ‘B’ village, Lumakanda location in Lugari Sub County have been left in disbelief after a dog belonging to one of them gave birth to a multi-deformed puppy which has eight legs and three tails. The puzzling incident occurred in the home of one Mr. Josphat Mutoka who is a Nyumba Kumi official.

According to Mr. Mutoka the dog gave birth at night and on visiting the scene where it had given birth and keenly observed the puppies he was stunned to see one of them with the strange deformity.

The visibly shocked owner said the puppy has eight legs, three tails and two excretory and reproduction organs, adding that he had never encountered such an oddity in the last 30 years he has been keeping dogs.

“My dog had given birth to five puppies but when I looked at them I was shocked to see one with eight legs, three tails and two functional organs,” explained Mutoka.

Residents flocked to Mr. Mutoka's residence to see the puppy
Residents flocked to Mr. Mutoka’s residence to see the puppy

According to Mr. Mutoka, it was the third time the dog gave birth and he had not witnessed any abnormalities in the previous births.

The incident has attracted throngs of villagers who are visiting the home to catch a glimpse of the deformed puppy with a section of them attempting to superstitiously interpret the rare occurrence, with some believing such was as a sign of good tidings for Mutoka’s family, while others have been heard attributing it with a dark omen.

“For the 82 years I have lived on this earth I have never seen such creature this satanic,” said Mzee Allan Mung’onye a senior village elder Munyuki sub location.

This follows a string of similar incidents in the area in the recent past where a cow was reported to have given birth to a six-legged calf before another one gave birth to a two-legged calf and day later another a cow sired a three-legged calf.