Residents up in arms over collapsed Chepareria Technical Institute building four years ago.


When the good news of   setting up the Chepareria Technical Training college in Pokot South Constituency, West Pokot County broke to residents in 2013, many locals had high hopes.

However, 7 years on, their hopes are dimmed with them only seeing remains of the collapsed building because of poor workmanship and weak foundation.

Image of the collapsed building

The institute that collapsed in 2017 was an eye opener to residents, promoting education hence opening up the area that was left behind in education due to marginalization.

But this has remained a nightmare thus irked locals who are now demanding for answers from the area Member of Parliament David Pkosing and the Ministry of Education.

This institute was funded by the National Government through the Ministry of education and Constituency Development Fund [CDF].

 The Kshs 150   million building on 50 acres of land funded by the National government through the Constituency Development Fund [CDF] and the Ministry of Education at Nasukuta area which has stalled and it has not been reconstructed.

It has been established that nothing is going on at the site yet the contractor was paid over sh. 43 million out of the total amount of sh. 48,743,504 and yet the project is not there

A local human rights defender Dennis Kapchok[Mulmulwas]  alleged that  the area MP  has been adamant and has never raised the issue despite  him being the one who sourced the contractor and showed the site for construction.

Kapchok said that the delay to construct the TTI risks reformed youths who have shunned retrogressive practices like banditry and cattle rustling vices.

“Our youths are still going for education outside the area yet the government funded the project but it was mishandled by few individuals, “he said.

He also said that since then residents gave the area Mp   the opportunity to rectify the mess but till now nothing has been done.

“The contractor has not been reprimanded and doesn’t know where Kshs.150 million went. The money went to few individuals who don’t want our people to develop. Where will our youths’ access because it was messed with corruption, “he said.

 Residents are now demanding that reconstruction of project starts immediately and the company awarded the tender black listed from doing any work countrywide.


“We want the government to explain to us the  cause of the collapse and delay of construction of the Technical Training institute ,”said Kapchok.

Kapchok called the on the Directorate of Criminal Investigation [ DCI and Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission[ EACC] to take action against the   Technical and Vocational Education and Training[ TVET]  and Constituency Development Fund[CDF].

“150 million shillings is not pocket money, “he said.

 He called upon the MP to be transparent and accountable or collect signatures to remove him.

“It was reported in 2017 but nothing has happened, “he said.

 Kapchok said the project collapsed and there is no report that has been released concerning the project.

He said that the National Construction Authority had stopped the construction   after  a crack appeared in the building but the contractor identified as Mr. Jamleck Mugo Chegge  -in General contractors  went on with the job  where by day finished the slab and expected to continue roofing.

The committee observed that the construction of TTI in the county under Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET)  are in pathetic condition while the government had spent millions of shillings on the projects.

The committee observed that things are in terrible condition on the ground on Technical Training Institute projects, saying it might need the intervention of the director of criminal investigation (DCI).

During the visit of the site at Kipkomo sub county  late  last year, the committee  observed that nothing was going on at the ground despite the contractor paid over 50% of the total amount.

The team led by the county works officer, Francis Wanyonge told the committee that the contractor, M/S Thenge-ini General contractor [Jamleck Mugo Chegge] failed to follow instruction from the supervising engineers.

 They further pointed out that the contractor had no capacity to deliver the project on time, saying the construction of the TTI started on 2nd, February 2015 and was expected to have been completed on 2nd, February 2016.

However, area Member of Parliament David Pkosing has distanced himself from the project saying that the project is under Ministry of Education and he is not able to answer quarries pertaining to the project.

“The project is under the ministry of education. I cannot answer questions pertaining to the ministry. It is under the Kitale Technical Institute and that is where the questions should be directed to ,” he said.

Pkosing who termed the accusations as lies accusing Mr Kapchok for playing politics after being sent by individuals to paint him in a bad image.