Rev. John Okude elected the Katakwa Diocese Bishop

Anglican Church of Kenya

Bishop Christpher Ruto, Stephen Kabora, Jacob Lesuda and others shortly before elections

Rev. John Okude is the current Bishop – elect of the Anglican church Katakwa diocese in Teso North Busia County.

Reverend Okude will succeed Bishop Zakayo Epus as the 3rd bishop of Katakwa diocese after a successful trouncing 3 other candidates in a hot contest.

He was elected in a secret ballot that consisted of the electoral body that was chaired by Christopher Ruto from Eldoret diocese, Jacob Lesuda from Maralal diocese and Stephen Kabora from Nyahururu diocese, 16 delegates from the Katakwa cathedral and 7 from the province participated in the voting process.

The Bishop elect John Okude after being declared winner

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“Indeed the church and the people of Katakwa have spoken and even before today we had agreed amongst the three of us that whomsoever is elected as the Bishop the rest shall accord him the spiritual and physical support . I am going to bring unity to the church and work hand in hand with the two governments,” he said in his acceptance speech.

The other two candidates who made it to the final contention were Rev. Sylvester Luta from Kamuriai church and Rev. Moses Idewa from Angurai East.

The electoral body announcing results

In his concession speech Moses Idewa, said that the work of God was paramount to the position of the Bishop and he will accord his full support to the current Bishop just as he has done with the outgoing Bishop Zakayo Epus.

“At all cost I am satisfied with the results, I have whole-heartedly acknowledged these results and I want to assure my brother John Okude my full support,” said Idewa.

Bishop Christopher Ruto in an interview with said that the Bishop elect will be consecrated on August 21st when the term of the current Bishop comes to an end.

He also stated that they are out to pray for Kenyan leaders especially during succession to avoid disputes as witnessed during the 2007/08 post election violence that may arise due to the incompetence in how the electoral process is done or dissatisfaction by parties.