Rift Valley Regional Coordinator defended

CS Eugene Wamalwa with Regional Coordinator George Natembeya
CS Eugene Wamalwa with Regional Coordinator George Natembeya

Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya has been defended by Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa over allegations from a section of politicians who are blaming him for engaging in political rallies yet he was a civil servant.

Several leaders within Trans Nzoia County led by Kiminini Mp Dr. Chris Wamalwa have been blaming Regional Coordinator Natembeya over his involvement in politics claiming he was using public resources in campaigns to push for his gubernatorial bid within the county which Natembeya has opposed claiming he has never declared to vie for gubernatorial seat in 2022.

During tree planting exercise in Kitale with Regional Coordinator George Natembeya, Devolution Cs Eugene Wamalwa defended him over allegations noting that the Regional Coordinator has a duty of inspecting government projects initiated by the national government that has stalled calling upon Kiminini MP to stop propagating lies concerning the trips made by Natembeya within the county.

“This our Regional Coordinator has 14 counties under his watch including Trans Nzoia and he is duty bound by the national government in inspecting the progress of development projects initiated by the national government, let them stop panicking,” stated Cs Wamalwa.

Cs Wamalwa claimed that the government in place pledged to the citizens several development projects that ought to do and it has embarked on the same as their duty was to see several development projects initiated by the government are complete by first checking on the same projects that was initiated by the government and make a report on the progress.

On his part, Natembeya distanced himself from politics calling upon the locals to plant more trees and attain the required 10 percent forest cover as well as calling them to conserve environment.

He blamed human activities that have caused soil erosion claiming several people have not been actively involved in environmental conservation hence degrading it calling upon locals to stop being used wrongly during campaigns period by politicians and instead told them to maintain peace.