Rift Valley youths na Ruto rally youths to register as voters

West Pokot Coordinator Rajab Chombus
West Pokot Coordinator Rajab Chombus

Rift Valley Youths Na Ruto forum has embarked on a massive voter registration campaign, rallying  and offering  civic education  on voters registration exercise for youths to register as voters in the  coming 2022 general election.

The formidable team of youths from 14 counties in the region is also mobilizing youths to enlist as members of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party and enlighten residents on the bottom up economic model proposed by Deputy President Dr.William Ruto.

At a press conference   at the West Pokot UDA party office in Kapenguria, the youths who  also  sensitized youths in Chepareria, Ortum –Sigor –Lomut towns in West Pokot County  said that they aim to mobilize and register more than 1.6 million new voters, mostly youth in the region.

The  team  which   launched the Rift Valley Youths Na Ruto, West Pokot Chapter   urged the government to speed up issuing Identity cards  so  that people can register during the IEBC’s one-month sign-up and afterwards as well.

About 24,000 ID cards remain uncollected in the North Rift. They are a prerequisite for voter registration.

Rift Valley Youths Na Ruto Chairperson Collins Chemenjo said Kenyans, especially the youth, need to take elections seriously as voting determines the kind of leaders they will get.

“Take the elections seriously as it will determine the quality of service that you will get – this is why you need to register as a voter .We want the county commissioners and chiefs to make sure that IDs that lie in offices are immediately released,” said  Mr Chemenjo.

Mr Chemenjo urged people not to wait until the last minute to register.

“An ID card is the only tool and gun and shields of your vote. We want our people to understand the meaning of true democracy, Rift Valley,”he said.

He noted that the team will make sure DP Ruto gets 100% of votes from 76 constituencies in the region.

“We are not supporting Ruto because he comes from Rift valley but because he has a true agenda .We shall make sure Rift valley is a UDA zone,”he said.

Rift Valley Youths Na Ruto Chairperson, West Pokot coordinator Rajab Chombus urged youths to pick their uncollected ID cards.

“We urge those who applied for the IDs to check the registrar of person’s offices in the region and collect them. If you have an ID and it is lying in the chief’s office or in a government office, kindly pick the card and register as a voter as quickly as possible,” he said.

Mr Chombus urged mass turnouts for voter registration calling on chiefs and sub-chiefs to work with village elders so that all uncollected IDs are picked by applicants.

“If we work together we will surpass our target. You’re the population that this country needs more than the leaders that we’re fighting for,” said Mr Chombus.

He   noted that the UDA party will carry all parties on the wheelbarrow.

“The Bottom Up Economy model will enable the vulnerable to get Shs 120 billion. We have unanimously agreed to speak with one voice as youths,” he said.

Mr Chombus called on those of other small parties in the region to join them.

“Water Melon, Oranges, Mwavuli, the Cock can be carried on the wheelbarrow if it is unable to walk. Youths decide themselves,” he said.

A youth, Nana Rimas from Narok County noted that they are behind the hustler narrative.

“The region is already locked. We are behind the wheelbarrow. Everyone will be accommodated. We urge many people to register with UDA,” he said.

Mr Robert Kamole, a person living with disability, said that DP Ruto has done many development projects in the region.