Roadside entrepreneurs fear loss of businesses amidst election aftermath uncertainties

Roadside businesses
Roadside businesses

Roadside business owners in Luanda town fear loss of businesses amidst election aftermath uncertainties. The entrepreneurs who operate along the Kisumu -Bungoma Highway are in fear of complete business shutdown or loss of customers if the country experiences post election violence like demonstrations, riots and political unrest.

“In as much as everyone is preaching peace, we should prepare ourselves for anything that can happen in this election. If there will be violence then business owners will suffer a great loss,” said James Ngesa a food vendor in Luanda town.

Violence results to destruction of property especially along the roads where most of the political strikes and riots take place. It becomes difficult for business to operate and in extreme situations the business will have to reorganize itself or change location which results to loss of customers.

“I cannot earn a living without the people in Luanda town, and these goes for most businesses. They depend on road users to get a living so demonstrations will drive potential customers away resulting to loses,” said Carol Musambi a business owner.

On a typical day, hundreds storm Luanda town for business related activities that range from micro to medium scale businesses.

Food vendors that are located in almost every corner of the town other businesses in shops and open air market is running as usual trying to make a living. Fruit and vegetable vendors are always located strategically to lure pedestrians and travelers into buying. All these are means to an end that are at risk if election goes wrong.

The business owners are now calling upon the government to ensure safety of business owners and citizens at large by ensuring a credible and peaceful election.

This will enable the County to resume normal activities immediately after elections.


By Susan Mwenesi Agoi