Sabaot community mark cultural night in Eldoret

The Sabaot leaders present during the event urged peace and unity among the community

sabaot cultural,culture
The Sabaot cultural night organizers the Elgon sisters

Sabaot community mark cultural night in Eldoret

Leaders from the Sabaot community have called upon all the Sabaots to unite, join hands and work together for the sake of development.

Speaking in Eldoret during the Sabaot culture night, several elected leaders from the community urged the people to leave political differences and embrace culture that unites the community.

Deputy Governor Bungoma County Hillary Chongwony said the community must learn their culture in order to remain relevant in the diversified society.

Chongwony further said that  the community lives in a rich and fertile region but the residents are living in abject poverty because they have abandoned so much of their conservative culture and urged the community to take good care of their natural resources

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The Bungoma county Deputy Governor Hillary Chongwony speaking

He said the leaders have to come together despite the political differences and ensure they   unite the people and not engaging in politics of dividing the community.

“We as leaders from the community we need to come together and ensure our people get the best services and also unite so that we can move forward in terms of development”. Said Chongwony

He said poverty among the community has been the main hindrance of development, urging the community to use the natural resources to fight poverty, adding that if the people are sensitized on how to use the natural resources they have then they will   fight poverty.

He also urged the community to give education first priority because it will help in fighting poverty and at the same time it will treat children culturally to instill behavior that will help them identify themselves with the world.

“Education is very vital in fighting poverty; if we take our children to school we will be empowering them “added the deputy governor

The senator Trans Nzoia county Henry Ole Ndiema who also attended the ceremony urged the community to use the culture for economic development and avoid the outdated cultures such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

He said some cultures are outdated and mean no good to the community in this era and should never be practiced.

The Trans Nzoia senator Henry Ole -Ndiema

“Some cultures mean no good now and we need to scrap them off in order to move forward”, said the senator

He said FGM was known to be a rite of passage for the community’s girls but now it’s an outdated thing and there should be an alternative way from the community to the development of girl child.

The Senator also urged the community not to alow politicians to devide them, saying that if they all it will bring differences that will lead to  fighting will destabilize peace and unity among the people.

“If the people are divided by politicians of course there will be no development and unity among the people” noted Ole Ndiema

He also pointed finger to the jubilee government for sideling the sabaots, adding that they have been short changed for a long time when it comes to employment, arguing  that since independence no sabaot has ever been appointed a minister or ambassador.

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The senator also said the community has so many learned people but when it comes to employment they are not given top positions in the country.

“Since independence our community has been sidelined, in infrastructure, and employment, yet we have been supporting the ruling governments since independence “added the senator

The event’s organizers the Elgon sisters have urged the community to come together in such important events so that they can get time to talk about issues affecting the Sabaots as a whole.

sabaot cultural,culture
The Sabaot cultural night organizers the Elgon sisters

Magdaline Manyorio the sectary general of Elgon sisters and Emily Chepkuto the chairlady said if the leaders from the community join hands and work closely with the people they will achieve in development

They said as Elgon sisters they have planned to visit girls schools in the Mt. Elgon and Trans Nzoia for mentor-ship and also to empower the girl child.

“We were so much saddened by the Chelebei issue and as the ladies from the community we want to visit the girls in the school and to guide and council them, we want our girls to shine and go far and become great people in future” said Maggie.

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The event was attended by Sabaot leaders, both political and religious leaders from Bungoma,Trans Nzoia and West Pokot, Sabaot professionals from all over the country and neighboring country Uganda, business men and women, students from Universities and artists.