Saboti MP Caleb Amisi urges the Health ministry to revise curfew hours in Western counties

Saboti MP Caleb Amisi
Saboti MP Caleb Amisi

Saboti MP, Caleb Amisi has called for a review of the 7pm-4am curfew which was imposed on the 14 counties of Western Kenya to curb a rise in the rate of Covid-19 infections witnessed in the region.

Hon. Amisi said the government should not subject rural counties to similar measures imposed on urban counties like Kisumu that have a higher population meaning the rate of spreading the virus is not similar.

“We want the government to revise the measures in rural counties. We must put in mind the social economic impact of the curfew,” the legislator spoke in West Pokot County.

Amisi said the government must develop unique measures in every county, while it achieves the target of containing the spread of the virus, it does not affect the residents economically through limited trade time.

He claimed the order has subjected residents within the county to hard economic times as several locals including youths and businessmen as mama mbogas normally make their sales during 7pm-9pm noting that such order will adversely affect them economically.

Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Samson Ojwang has said the measures put in place will be enforced until a new directive is issued insisting the rate of infections must be brought down by all means.

“We have no plans of lowering our guard since this will make our people more vulnerable to this variant that is sweeping across the Western Kenya region. We have launched a risk communication and communication engagement plan,” affirmed Ojwang

The County’s Health Executive Committee member, Clare Wanyama said the county has a positivity rate of 13% with more than 33 Covid -19 related deaths having been witnessed since the outbreak of the pandemic in the country in 2020.

“We still call on the residents of Trans Nzoia to adhere to the Covid- 19 containment measures which will guarantee their safety against contracting the virus which has no cure. We have also run out of the Covid- 19 vaccines,” said Mrs. Wanyama.