Salaams club chairman urges youth to invest, start businesses

PEBBIAS Salaams club chairman Wycliffe Mang'oli said members have pursued different ventures including agriculture

Youths have been urged to utilise their earnings well and engage in meaningful business. Speaking to West Media in Sikulu B in Mautuma, Lugari sub county in Kakamega, PEBBIAS Salaams club chairman Wycliffe Mang’oli said the club’s members were not adversely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic since they had lots of income generating activities which include bee keeping, poultry and fish farming among others.

He said viable investments are key and encouraged youths to stop idling and do something, even with small capital. His sentiments were echoed by the club patron David Lumacha who said as a group they have made tremendous efforts to come up with productive projects but urged well wishers to come out and help them expand the projects. He said they have sufficient land to practice both animal and crop husbandry.

He said many youths, especially in Kakamega County, have lost focus and most of them only expect to get office jobs which are less presently. He stated that agribusiness can come in handy if they accept to work, adding that Coronavirus has taught many people they need to invest heavily in agriculture.