Sango residents demonstrate demanding justice and security

The demonstrators
The demonstrators

Normal activities in government offices at the Likuyani sub county headquarters in Kongoni were halted for several hours on Friday when hundreds of demonstrators from Sango sub location stormed in protesting over deteriorating security.

The protesters demanded justice for the 65 year old Jerusa Obware and her niece Nelly Dindi who were sexually assaulted before being murdered on the night of October 7th in their house at Nzoia village, Sango sub location.

Flashing protest placards and twigs, the residents led by Daddy Obware, who is the son to the late mama Jerusa they demonstrated in the area’s streets singing songs castigating the area security officials before presenting their petition to the deputy county commissioner at Kongoni.

The demonstrators
The demonstrators

The petition which was written by the Sango community in collaboration   with the Obware’s family read as follows: ‘As the Sango community and the family of Obware we are petitioning for justice and security. We come here today demand justice for the families who’s their beloved ones have been violently taken away and to ask for government’s protection. The events of few months have left us traumatized; we have not experienced this level of fear and insecurity in our community for decades.

On the night of 7th October, 2019 our beloved mother Jerusa Nduvi Obware and sister Nelly Dindi were brutally taken away from us, it’s exactly one month since and there is no signs of justice anywhere. Other families in Likuyani have been victims of similar crimes. There have been multiple cases of rape and murders.

When you see one quiet community, one peaceful community stop all what they are doing and come out and protest walking over 20kms it means we have suffered enough. We want our safety guaranteed; we have a right to be protected. We want our sisters and mothers to go about their businesses without fear.

For the past few months we have been disturbed by this serious issue of increasing crimes in Likuyani. As we continue to recover from tragedies that have visited a number families in the recent past, we are not sure who is next. We asked ourselves where is the problem, do we have a government that cares for us, do we have police officers with capacity to protect us, where should we run for for help?

We used to cry and get angry with the government but from today we have final come to the realization that we cannot stop ourselves from doing something about this issue and that is why we are here today.

We have come to ask for help as the first step and we expect to see real actions, we do not know what our next step will be, but we will not sit there and continue to die. We shall protect ourselves, our sisters and our mothers in ways that we know.

We sign and submit this petition to the government to act on this matter. We want to see Justice for our mother Jerusa and Sister Nelly and for other families that have gone through this pain.

We will continue to protest and shake the ground until justice is done. We will shout, we will knock every door, we will take this protest to the highest office because we want to see security restored in our community and the endless murders and rapes stopped. We are ready to put our lives on line to protect our women.’ Read the petition.

Likuyani deputy County commissioner Wilson Kimaiyo addressing the demonstrators outside his office at Kongoni
Likuyani deputy County commissioner Wilson Kimaiyo addressing the demonstrators outside his office at Kongoni

The protestors said it was regrettable that besides the security apparatus being informed of the suspected perpetrators, they have chosen not to make any arrests

Addressing them outside his office area Deputy county commissioner Wilson Kimaiyo pledged to take action
aimed at stopping the crime and ensure the affected families get justice.

However the DCC said Sango sub location was not under his area of jurisdiction security wise but he was determined to ensure residents get peace.

“As per now we have A boundary issue between Likuyani and Lugari  because Sango is in Likuyani administratively but security wise is under Lugari although we work very well with my colleague in Lugari and  I cannot sit back and let this state of lawlessness to go on in the area,” said Kimaiyo.

He promised to take up the matter and ensure maximum security in the area. “I can assure you that something is going to  be done to arrest the situation we are not going to leave any stone unturned and I also want to assure  the affected family that justice will prevail,” said Kimaiyo.