Sango ward MCA who is eyeing Likuyani parliamentary seat promises goodies once elected

Sango ward MCA Kennedy Kilwake
Sango ward MCA Kennedy Kilwake

Sango ward in Likuyani constituency has had numerous developments since 2017.

This is according to the area MCA Kennedy Kilwake during Crossfire show on West FM where he stated that during his leadership he has managed to get Sango hospital renovated, ensured that two polytechnics have been built in both Sango and Mawe Tatu Sub-locations, renovation of roads, building of modern bridges and launching of the smart farm project among other projects.

Kennedy Kilwake addressed the issue of water shortage on Sango market and areas within the ward where he claimed  the issue has been caused by the breaking and blocking of water pipes during road construction and that the issue is under control as more water pipes are being bought. He also mentioned that he has made negotiations with Moi Barracks who get water from River Nzoia on how they’re going to share their water supply with the residents of Sango.

When the water supply issue gets sorted in Sango, Kilwake assured his people of one million litres of water supply daily.

When asked if the County government has been supportive to his ward, he said that his ward was allocated over 100 million which assisted in the construction of two polytechnics, roads and modern bridges among others.

There have been complaints whereby subsidized fertilizer meant for the residents of Sango was being given to people who were not area residents which has caused shortage in fertilizer supply in Sango ward.

Hon. Kilwake responded to the issue by saying, “The Ministry of Agriculture in Kakamega County came up with ways that ensured that people had their pieces of land registered thus becoming hard for people from different wards to get fertilizer meant for Sango residents. However, if the claims are true the issue will be thoroughly investigated.” He assured

The MCA also spoke on the issue of bursaries, whereby he stated that learners who got enrolled into the two polytechnics in the ward have their fees paid fully and those in kindergarten have their education fully sponsored. He also added that there has been equal distribution of bursaries in the region.

He addressed the issue of Sango polytechnic lacking power for a period of 4 years as he blamed the issue on delays brought about by KPLC. “KPLC has been delaying us as usual. Despite that issue, the school administrator is also a drunkard, he was supposed to help with the installation of three phase meters which he hasn’t done up to now.” He alleged

In addition, Sango ward legislator revealed that he is eyeing the Likuyani MP seat in the August 9 2022 elections.

He stated that his reasons for vying are to ensure unity amongst MCAs who have been constantly fighting and also to ensure that leaders from Likuyani secure positions in the government.

When asked about his thoughts on the strategy that Azimio should use in electing Raila’s running mate he said that the best way is to select a person that is going to garner the coalition more votes on the road to Presidency.

He concluded by urging the people of Likuyani to stand in accord to ensure development in the region.


By Faith Chandianya