Savula urges politicians to stop reckless talk to avert post poll skirmishes


The political elite have been urged to desist from utterances that might spur political turmoil as the country heads to the general election next year.

Speaking in his constituency, Lugari MP Ayub Savula cautioned his counterparts in the political sphere against sponsoring violence and hooliganism, as the country faces a transition election, which is more fragile.

He called on the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) in collaboration with the church to start sponsoring peace missions.

The legislator said the country needs leaders with a strong political stand that is based on real issues affecting the common mwananchi. 

He maintained that Western region as a whole must unite and form a formidable force that will result in a political gain, warning against joining the so-called big parties that might leave the region politically exposed.