Savula urges the national and County governments to focus on agriculture

Lugari MP Ayub Savula
Lugari MP Ayub Savula

Lugari MP Ayub Savula has urged both the national and county governments to focus on boosting agricultural activities to ensure the country remain food secure post Corona pandemic.

Speaking in his constituency Savula said as much as the country was struggling to fight the Coronavirus it should not forget to support agricultural activities saying the virus has ravaged the world including countries that Kenya rely on for importation of food such maize, rice among others and therefore if proper measures are not put in place many Kenyans are likely to die of hunger after the COVID-19 dealt with. 

“As a country we are heading into hard times and we may not have a place to import food from, therefore its high time we start looking for a domestic solution by focusing more on agriculture,” said Savula. 

He urged the county governments to fully support farmers who have not planted by giving free inputs and even helping them plough their lands to ensure no land remained idle because the owners don’t have capacity to put them to good use. 

“County government officers should move round and identify all those farmers who have not planted to be fully assisted and for those who have already planted they should be given free top dressing fertilizer,” said Savula.