Say No to commitment of suicide

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide refers to the attempt when one intentionally ends their own life .The term “commit suicide” is commonly used to describe it.

According to The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that out of 2 people who die of suicide there are other 20 more people who attempt to end their lives (WHO 2019).

Family conflicts, sadness or grief, shame worthlessness, intense guilty loss of loved ones and broken relationships are among the reasons people opt for suicide.

According to the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), suicide is more prevalent among groups of people like those between the age of 15 -24years, above 60 years old, among those families with suicidal history and those in prison.

NIMH further says that males are more likely to die by suicide than female; however, female are the ones who are likely to commit suicide. The research has shown that male use lethal methods to end their lives.

Talking to a few residents in Bungoma County, we learn that most people commit  suicide because of the financial problems that make them unable to take care of their needs  and even pay school fees, relatively, polygamy is another reason why people do commit suicide because misunderstanding among themselves when it comes to sharing of family property including land.

Beatrice Auma who is on attachment at Kenya Revenue Authorities said that some people opt for suicide due to healthy problems like suffering from diseases that cannot be cured. “Extreme poverty it the reason why people commit suicide,” she added

By Sarah Mulongo