Scarcity of Water in Siboti Ward of Bumula Sub-County

A dry borehole
A dry borehole

Residents of Siboti Ward Bumula Sub-County have urged political leaders in the area to intervene and get a lasting solution to the irritating problem of water scarcity in the ward.

They claim that for a longer period, they have been suffering from the same problem, while during the political campaigns, among their agenda was water drilling projects.

They are now asking Bumula Member of Parliament, Jack Wamboka to listen to their plea and help them settle the mess.

The most affected groups are children and expectant mothers who can’t walk long distances searching for water during dry seasons. They are sometimes forced to cross to the neighbouring wards like Kimaeti so as to quench their thirst.

Animals on the other hand suffer most as some of the farmers opt not to give the little water they get after a long distance of search.

The County government of Bungoma under the leadership of Governor Kenneth Lusaka has been urged to give an official directive to the Ministry concerned to help them.

By Peter Musaba