Scholar to launch an award scheme for civil servants

Dr. Evans Tamacha speaking at his home

One of the scholars from Likuyani Sub County in Kakamega County has promised to launch an award scheme for best performing civil servants as one way of enhancing service delivery to area residents.

Speaking in his home sub county, Dr. Evans Taracha who is the Director in charge Research Department at the Kenya National Museums Nairobi said the “Likuyani good service award” scheme will include all civil servants in Likuyani working under the national and county governments, including chiefs and their assistants.

Dr. Evans Tamacha speaking at his home
Dr. Evans Tamacha speaking in his home sub county

The scholar regretted that most outstanding civil servants are rarely recognized by their employers except for salaries.

“It’s out of this situation that I have made up my mind to launch an annual award scheme for the best performing civil servants in Likuyani,” said Taracha, adding that the scheme will go a long way in boosting morale and delivery in the civil service.

Taracha revealed the onus for identifying and selecting the best three performers will be left to area residents, who will, however, be guided by certain yardsticks that he was yet to put in place.

“I call this a 365 performance evaluation and officers who will receive the award will be chosen by strictly Likuyani residents who seek services in their offices,” said Taracha adding that the award will be given at end of every financial year.

On the sub county’s leadership and development, Taracha asked the electorate to provide ample time to all elected leaders from the sub county until 2017 when they will use the ballot to either retain or vote them out of power, depending on how each one of them will have fulfilled their pre-election promises.
“I want to advise my people to make wise decisions in the next general election so that they will ascend to power visionary and development conscious leaders,” said the scholar.