School head killed, body dumped by roadside

school head killed
The scene where the Body of the school head was dumped

The school principal Bumayange mixed secondary school, Tom Majanga, is alleged to have been killed by unknown assailants last night in Vihiga County, Gisambai Mudete road at Kivagala in Sabatia Sub County and the assailants allegedly cutting off his tongue and taking it with them.

The body was identified by a boda boda raider at around 5 am Tuesday the morning lying in a pool of blood.

The acting Police Boss in the area Benson Kilonzo said the police with the help of the locals identified the man as the Principal of the said School.

Kilonzo said the deceased had a flat tyre and he was attacked when he was changing the wheel.

“When the police arrived at the scene, the deceased’s car had open doors we believe he was attacked trying to change the flat tyre”. Said Kilonzo.

He said the deceased had deep cuts on the head and they believe he was hit with a blunt object.

He said investigations are ongoing and asked the locals to come forward and give information that can help them trace the killers.

The body has since been taken to  St. Monica Riat mortuary in Kisumu County by the Serem police station officers.

The principal who owns a shop at the Chamakanga shopping centre is said to have been driving home from the shop before he met his untimely death

The assailants are said to have withdrawn him from his car, killed him and dumped his body by the roadside.

Sabatia sub county
KESHA National Vice Chairman Kakhi Indimuli in company with other school heads speaking at the scene

The car was as well found at the scene.

Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESHA) National Vice Chairman Kakhi Indimuli who is also the Chavakali High School Principal said School heads in the County are now living in fear as they are now become attarget for the thugs.

“We as the heads of Schools in the region are now living in fear, it looks like we are being targeted by these criminals and am calling on all Principals to be more vigilant since their moves are being closely monitored by these thugs”. Said Indimuli.

Undimuli was speaking at the scene in company with other school heads who called on police to fast track the case and apprehend the culprits.