School unrests blamed on hurrying of syllabus coverage


The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) secretary Nandi North Branch who is also the NEC member for Rift valley region Mr. Josphat Serem, has blamed the hurrying of syllabus coverage by teachers and 100% transition to be the major possible causes of school unrests in various learning institutions.

Speaking with journalists, Serem cited that the current school unrests is majorly caused by the change of education calendar whereby it is coming to the end of the year and teachers have not covered the syllabus due to the shortest time which has forced them to squeeze and hurry up thus making the students restless.

“The hurrying of the syllabus coverage by teachers has made students become restless due to lack of rest as everything is marathon to beat the deadline.” Serem said.

He revealed that as a Union, they are calling upon the government through the Ministry of education to be consulting all the stakeholders before making any decisions.

The unionists noted that there is a lot of congestion in schools due to 100% transition which has messed up enrollment even a school which is supposed to be having two streams is having up to four to five and dormitories are also congested thus creating repugnant environment to learners.

“Children are queuing to get meals and basic needs are not easy to get in schools thus the security and welfare of the students is not in order.” He affirmed.

He urged the Ministry of Education to be consulting all the education stakeholders in order implement any changes in education system citing that 100% transition means having enough infrastructure in schools.

The Ministry of Education should provide enough funds to create more space in the dormitories and in classrooms in order to end the problem.