School on verge of closure after latrines collapsed

Collapsed latrines at Keringet Primary school in Kapenguria

Pupils of Keringet Primary school in Kapenguria, West Pokot County are suffering after nine latrines in their school collapsed on Thursday last week after a heavy downpour.

At the moment the girls in the school use teachers’ latrines and teachers use a neighbour’s latrines while other pupils go to the bush.

The other latrines that were constructed by Wash have cracks while others have sunk and are on the verge of collapse hence pupils have been warned against using them.

Sinking latrines at the school

The public health department in the County has given the school seven days to close down if the situation is not solved.

At the moment the special impaired and ECD sections in the school have been closed following the problem.

The school head teacher Mr. Joel Terer said this is a serious problem in the school and pupils are going through difficulties.

“The board of management pleaded after we were given seven days to build other latrines or close the school but the school does not have money,” he said.

He said the situation has affected learning in the school as pupils lack a place to help them.

“The latrines collapsed at Thank God this didn’t happen during day time when pupils are inside. We shall be forced to close early because of the problem,” he said.

Mr. Terer said that the school has a population of more than seven hundred pupils and 24 teachers.

Collapsed latrines at Keringet Primary school in Kapenguria

“The requirement is that 25 pupils are required to use one latrine. It’s dangerous for the pupils to use the remaining ones as they are very few,” said Mr. Terer.

The head teacher called upon well wishers, nongovernmental organization, county and the national government to come to the aid of the school and build latrines to enable the school to run as before.

A standard eight pupil Mary Wahu said that the wash rooms had a bathroom where the girls used to change their pads when in menstruation period.

“This makes us delay for studies, we have to ask for permission to go home or sit at home because we have no place to put on pads while in our periods,” she said.

Another pupil Husuna Niraa said that girls in the school are faced with many challenges.

“When we go to the bush the rain washes the fesses and it’s unhygienic,” she said.