Schools receive buses from Webuye west CDF

CDF buses
Dan Wanyama Webuye West Mp unveiling the bus for Kuywa Friends secondary school /Photo/ Sasakah Edwin/ West FM

Two schools in Webuye West constituencies received each a bus from the Webuye West CDF to ease transportation the cost of the buses totaled to a cost of 13 million.

Mang’ana and Kuywa Friends secondary schools received the buses from Webuye west Member of Parliament Dan Sitati Wanyama in separate ceremonies where he said that he was encouraged by the academic merit of the two schools.

“I want to applaud the teachers and management of these schools for burning their paraffin till night just to make sure that these boys and girls have achieved in their education and managed good grades regardless of the environment”, said Dan Wanyama while addressing parents, teachers and students at Kuywa Friends secondary schools.

CDF buses
Dan Wanyama Webuye West Mp unveiling the bus for Kuywa Friends secondary school /Photo/ Sasakah Edwin/ West FM

Wanyama said that his office will partner with all the schools in the constituency to ensure that all the schools improve and asked parents to work closely with teachers and embrace dialogue in case of a problem.

Wanyama complained of massive transfers of voters to the neighbouring Kakamega County, specifically Nabakholo.

He faulted certain politicians whom he said are bribing voters to register in their constituencies terming it as an old fashioned way and discouraged his Webuye residents from being bribed.

However, he asked the IEBC to look into it as this might bring bad blood between constituencies and also asked political leaders to stop from engaging in such activities.

Wanyama asked residents to come out in large numbers and register as voters in order to choose leaders of their choice adding that there is no time left and should not wait for last minute rush.

On politics, Wanyama reinstated that he is firmly in JAP party and that it is the only surety of being in the next government adding that it is not possible for opposition leader Raila to endorse Wetangula as cord presidential flag bearer in 2017.

The Webuye west member of parliament urged Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula to ditch cord coalition and join JAP which is set to be launched in March to have a good chance of propelling forward politically.

Wanyama said that in any case wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka stands a big chance of being endorsed to carry the presidential flag than Wetangula.

“If Raila will endorse Wetangula as the flag bearer to run for the top seat then even me I will not have otherwise but to support Wetangula but looking at the way things are that is next to impossible and can only happen in a dream,” he said.

Buses CDF
Bus for Friends Secondary school Kunywa Photo/ Edwin Sasakah /West Fm

Wanyama said that Raila has already kicked off his presidential campaigns and his race to state house is unstoppable and that Wetangula should wake up from sleep if he thinks Raila will endorse him.

He urged western Kenya leaders to encourage residents to turn out in large numbers and register as voters in the ongoing voter registration exercise telling the residents to also encourage each other to register.

He urged Bungoma residents to fully support the Jubilee government in the next general elections for development to be realized in the region.

Meanwhile senator Wetangula has urged Western and Bungoma leaders to support his bid to run for the top seat before his core – principles endorse him.

“I want to appeal to my brothers from the Mulembe community to first support me so that the others can see am being supported by my own people instead of waiting for cord to endorse me before they join in,” he said.

Wetangula is set to launch his presidential bid in Masinde Muliro gardens in Kakamega town this month.