Schools unrest worrying to all education stakeholders

KNUT Secretary General Nandi South Branch Stephen Misoi
KNUT Secretary General Nandi South Branch Stephen Misoi

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) secretary for Nandi South Branch Mr. Stephen Misoi has revealed that the issue of school unrests is actually worrying towards all the stakeholders, parents, teachers and the country at large, thus there is need to find a lasting solution.

Speaking with journalists in Kobujoi, Misoi cited that a lasting solution should be looked into so as to bring our schools back to the normal stable conditions.

He said arson in schools has been largely attributed to lack of discipline among the learners and also the application of duty to their parents who have left everything to teachers instead of guiding their children.

The unionists decried the school unrests menace to have also been fueled by the population of policies by the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) particularly that teachers are currently busy in ensuring they fill forms as required by the employer and the Ministry thus gives them less time to address learners particularly in matters discipline.

He noted that poor working environment has also led teachers serving in an area concerned demoralized thus the employer should recruit and employ enough teachers to motivate them and improve the educational standards.

“As Knut, we want the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to ensure there are enough teachers in schools to aid in solving disciplinary matters so as to put into a halt the school unrests.” He added.

Concerning the issue of scrapping boarding schools, Misoi said he is not in support saying that boarding schools have assisted a lot in posting good results in National examinations thus to him there is no need to scrap boarding schools instead should be maintained.