Senate Speaker says unemployed Kenyans should be first consideration for census jobs

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka
Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka has said the census job positions should be given to Kenyans who are jobless and the youths, instead of those who are employed. Lusaka said the biggest challenge in Kenya right now is unemployment, “We have many kids who have finished University, many who have finished secondary school and other classes…..let’s think about these people who are unemployed,” he said. The national census is set to take place on August 24th and 25th.

He cited a case where a chief gave his children the census job slots, “If it’s true, that fellow doesn’t deserve to be a leader,” he said. The Senate Speaker added that the Senate and the National Assembly will work together. He noted that Kenyans want to see development and not disagreements, “We want to work together.” The two Houses have been embroiled in a disagreement concerning the allocation of funds to Counties, with the Senate wanting more money to be given to the devolved units.