Sensitization program for school going girls on teenage pregnancies in Nandi hills ward.

Gedion Koech, Nandi Hills ward MCA
Gedion Koech, Nandi Hills ward MCA

The sensitization program on teenage pregnancies and effects of drug abuse among school girls is ongoing in Nandi hills ward courtesy of the area Member of the county assembly of Nandi Gedion Koech.

Speaking during the sensitization process in his area of jurisdiction, Koech said he came up with the initiative to offer sensitization to school girls on the dangers of teenage pregnancies and drug abuse with an aim of rescuing them from the bad morals.

“We want a better generation for the brighter future of our children thus the need for sensitization to help them differentiate between good and bad deeds” he added.

The legislator revealed that majority of school going girls felt prey of teenage pregnancies last year which was as a result of Covid-19 outbreak that led to the closure of schools hence school going girls being at home for a longer period.

“We don’t want such mistake to be repeated thus the need for sensitization on our girls to know about good and bad” he affirmed.

He asked parents to consider exercising good parenting to their children especially during this April holiday while they are home so as to monitor them and direct them in the right way.

Nandi County recorded more than seven thousand teenage pregnancies last year during Covid-19 pandemic which led to closure of learning institutions, which shows that teenage pregnancy cases in the region are on the rise.