MP John Serut against court ruling on title deeds

Mt. Elgon MP John Serut
Mt. Elgon MP John Serut

After the high court declared land title deeds issued in 2013 to be fake, Mt Elgon MP John Serut has disputed the ruling saying it did not put in place all the considerations, saying the matter is very emotive.

The MP said the bigger interest in the matter should’ve been given first priority while tackling the case, citing the purpose of a title deed is to prove ownership of land and saying that the land commission was not involved is not being genuine.

He asserted that the implications of the ruling may have dire consequences to the country saying many have used their titles as collaterals in banks and they would be rendered mere papers. This will mean that there would be no investor in finance that would trust any title deed issued in the country hence leading to losses.

“I, therefore, call upon the Attorney General to appeal against the ruling as fast as possible so as to save the country from far reaching implications to investors and especially banks in this country,” he said.

Serut cited the titles issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta to two thousand people in Chebyuk in December saying the mere fact that they did not have an input from the land commission should not be used as a scapegoat to rendering them invalid saying it should not even be interfering with the issuance of title deeds.

On the ongoing exercise of voter registration, the MP called upon residents in Mt Elgon constituency who haven’t yet registered to ensure they register as voters saying it is only through the electoral process that they’ll be able to choose leaders who will cater for their needs.

He disclosed that he will be moving around the constituency to sensitize the residents further on the need to register as voters saying he has taken the first step by ensuring those who come for services at the Constituency Development Fund office have proof that they are registered voters.

The MP is optimistic of retaining his seat as a member of parliament saying he has been able to initiate many development projects during his tenure such as schools and in the transport sector saying those aspiring to take over from him have an uphill task to convince the voters what new offer they have.

He said he is not afraid of any opponent saying they can even join forces against him but he will still triumph as he has the interest of the people at heart.

Serut, however, was quick to make his stand clear that he hasn’t joined Jubilee party and is not intending to join the party anytime soon saying he will be making his decision regarding the party three months to the general election.

The MP accused some of the aspirants against fueling ethnic conflict saying the constituency has people from the Sabaot, Bukusu and Iteso communities and have been living in harmony for a long time and have known the constituency as their home throughout.