Shock as dogs are found feeding on a baby in Lugari

Shocked Sirende residents after dogs were found feeding a baby's corpse
Shocked Sirende residents after dogs were found feeding a baby's corpse

Residents of Sirende village in Lugari sub  location, Lugari Sub County have been left perplexed after dogs were discovered devouring a newborn baby who had been duped in a sugarcane plantation.

According to Mr. Chirui Wanyama  Soita, he was returning home at around 7pm using a footpath that passes through his sugarcane plantation when he bumped into a group of dogs scrambling over an object.

He said the canines were pulling the object into the plantation and since it was getting dark he was forced to look for a torch so that he could establish what it was.

“First I thought the dogs had killed a wild animal, I rushed to the house, took a torch and returned to check what it was only to find it was a newborn baby’s corpse,” said Chirui.

He said when he lit the torch he was shocked to see a baby’s head and on moving closer he established the dogs had fed on the lower part of the body from the hip downwards.

Chirui was forced to wrestle with the dogs and managed to snatch the corpse before alerting neighbours and the local administrators who thronged the scene to catch a glimpse of the shocking episode.

It is suspected that the baby’s mother delivered safely after a normal period of nine months’ pregnancy and dumped the baby in the plantation where the dogs found and started feeding on it.

The incident has been bitterly condemned by residents led by the area village elder Pius Juma appealing for thorough investigations into the incident that will see the culprit face the full wrath of law.

He however said that there was a woman in the neighborhood whom they are suspecting to be behind the incident after her pregnancy  disappeared mysteriously a day before the incident yet she couldn’t tell where the baby was.

“We are hunting for her so that she can record a statement with police,” said the village elder.

Confirming the incident, area sub county police Commander Bernard Ngungu appealed to area residents to provide information that may help in nabbing the suspect.

Officers from Lumakanda police station removed the body and took it to Webuye mortuary as they launched investigations into the incident.