Shock as unknown person kills a cow, cuts its intestines in Marakusi

Residents looking at the dead cow

Residents of Lukhuna village, Marakusi sub location in Lugari sub county were left perplexed following a shocking incident where an unknown person sneaked into a resident’s compound and killed her cow by inserting a hooked metallic rod into it’s gastrointestinal tract and pulled the it out from the back.

According to Mrs. Agnes Wanjala she heard commotion outside with dog barks at about 4am and on waking up to check what was happening she was shocked to find her heifer lying helplessly on the ground with the intestines dragged out of the body. 

“When I got outside I didn’t see anybody but I just found my cow fighting for it’s life, while sheep ran restlessly in their shed,” she said adding that she doesn’t know the motive behind the incident. The incident attracted tens of residents who thronged the compound to catch a glimpse of the scene and strongly condemned the act.