Shock as stolen meat is found hidden in a latrine

Part of the carcasses which were found hidden in a latrine in Matete
Part of the carcasses which were found hidden in a latrine in Matete

Residents of Mayoyo village in Maturu sub location, Matete Sub County were left in bewilderment following a wacky incident in which remains of a slaughtered cow believed to have been stolen from one of them were found hidden in a latrine.

The remains were discovered by a passer-by who had gone to answer a call of nature in the latrine which is near the road. “These carcasses were discovered by a lady who was passing by. She decided to relieve herself in the latrine but was shocked to find the remains there,” said Mr. Matayo Matasi who is the area village elder.

It was claimed the slaughtered cow belonged to Mr. Wasilwa Musiya who had, in fact, reported its disappearance about three days ago. According to Mr. Wasilwa, his male cow was stolen from his compound on Friday night and he has searched for it in several livestock markets unsuccessfully.

“My cow was stolen at about 1 pm on Friday night, I was woken up by the mooing of a cow and when I went to check in the shade I found one of the bulls missing. Together with my family and neighbours, we searched for it but we couldn’t trace it,” said Mr. Wasilwa.

However, he said he was not sure whether the carcasses belonged to his lost cow since he hadn’t seen its skin or head which could help him identify it, saying his missing cow was black with white patches. The incident attracted a huge crowd of area residents who were left stupefied.

According to the toilet owner Mrs. Alice Lumasi, who is a widow and lives alone in the compound, when she woke up she didn’t go to the toilet and after her morning errands, she left for her salon job. When she came back in the afternoon she was shocked to find a huge crowd in her compound. “I can’t tell when the carcasses were put in my latrine or who put them there, I am really shocked by this incomprehensible incident,” said Mrs. Lumasai.

Area assistant chief Festus Mukechi said investigations have been launched in the incident to establish those who hid the carcasses in the toilet and the motive behind it. The local administrator also said security agents were searching for those who stole Mr. Wasilwa’s cow.