Shun from Tribal Politics, leaders told.


Politicians have been requested to be careful with the utterances they make in any platform they are given, be it in funerals or political gathering as it may impact negatively or positively to the community. Addressing at a funeral in Maraka location in Webuye East sub-county, the area chief Mr. Samuel Kisuya said some politicians have been abusing opportunities given to them in gatherings like funerals by uttering words that could easily cause tribal clashes and disunity among the residents. Kisuya warned such politicians and leaders that the government is on the look out and anyone that will preach disunity at any place will be dealt with seriously saying the government now has put officers in place and will be all over attending all the occasions be it funeral to make sure that leaders are doing the right thing, especially as the country nears general election. He said peace and order must be maintained. 

” In Bungoma county for example we live with all the communities and we co-exist well and even intermarry, live happily and we will not allow political class to wash this down the drain because of their selfish political interests. They they should understand that politics will come and go but live must go on”, said chief Kisuya. His sentiments were echoed by his counterpart, the Asst. Chief of Milo sub location Mr. Emmanuel Murokoi who added that some politicians have perfected the art of propaganda against their opponents in order to stain their names to win electorates hearts, something he say is not good and asked the politicians to shun from using such old tactics and tricks that may elicit enemy and residents too to be careful and do away with such politicians.

On his part the deputy county commissioner for Webuye East sub county Mr. Chaka Nyamawi warned some politicians from taking their politics to school and called upon head teachers and principals to be strict with their work saying government will not condone politicians who intimidate teachers because of their political differences with other local politicians or leaders. He added that schools are not political arenas to be used to settle political scores with opponents and teachers should not be used as punching bags for politicians. He said as a government, they are ready to defend the teachers and asked politicians to provide humble time and favorable environment for learners as they near their final national examinations.