Sigor MP decries poor network aiding security

Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong
Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong

Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong has raised concern over the poor network coverage in the area. The West Pokot region which is low lying and is surrounded by steep hills has been affected by poor mobile network coverage, and reporting attacks, banditry and cattle rustling, has been a problem.

Speaking at Sekerr area while inspecting development projects, the MP said this has contributed to many insecurity incidents in the region. He said it’s has been hard for security officers to communicate in case of an attack. “This region lacks a stable mobile phone network so when locals are attacked, it’s quite difficult to contact the chief or any other security personnel for assistance,” said Lochakapong.

He said that this has affected development in the area and that residents have longed to see a communication mast but it’s all in vain. “We are actually in another world, different from the rest of Kenyans since we can’t even make a phone call,” he said “People climb trees or move to hilly places to make calls.”

The MP blamed the national government for being lax and watching the problem unfold without providing any intervention. “I know it’s possible for the government to chip in and lobby for respective companies to come and install a communication mast in this area but some people are sleeping on their jobs,” he said.

He revealed that he held talks with Safaricom company and the Communication Authority of Kenya but nothing has been done yet. He also pointed out the road network in the area is in a poor state.