Sikhendu residents ignore Covid-19 regulations to take part in circumcision ceremony

Locals at the ceremony

Locals from Chepkoror location in Sikhendu ward Trans Nzoia county threw caution to the wind and breached Covid-19 infection prevention guidelines and held a circumcision ceremony, putting themselves at risk of contracting the Coronavirus. The locals turned in large numbers and engaged in the exercise, singing and dancing with the initiates throughout Sunday night till early Monday morning.

Some of the laid procedures that Kenyans need to follow include wearing of masks, physical distancing, washing hands regularly with soap and running water and avoiding congregating. However all these rules and regulations were not followed as locals intermingled freely.

Some of those present said they don’t care about possible Covid-19 infections and all they want is to take part in the famed cultural practice, vowing they’ll continue with the circumcision ceremonies which they said are key for grooming young boys into adulthood. They, however, noted that the culture might disintegrate and be forgotten if there are no efforts in place to resuscitate the vibrant branch of the Bukusu culture.

Some of the challenges include a rise in poverty levels, “In the past our fathers used to own a lot of wealth that they used as part and parcel of this cultural practice, but nowadays that’s not the case as people are living i tough times,” said Zedekiah Kisa, a local. They urged the government to set aside some funds to enable the recording and subsequent storage of stories and documentaries on the culture.