‘Sinendet’ significance in Nandi community

How Sinendet is worn in Kalenjin community
How Sinendet is worn in Kalenjin community

‘Sinendet’ in Kalenjin Community which is a traditional plant is used to appraisal or decorate winners among the community and it symbolizes the Kalenjin victory.

The plant is always green as it never withers and it is found along the hedges of the forest and along roads. It contains milky sap which can be used for medicinal purposes.

The plant is the community’s pride and is a symbol of victory whereby those who have emerged victorious in any event or activity are draped with it around the neck.

According to Nandi Kaburwo Council of Elders, Chairperson Benjamin Kitur, the Kalenjins or rather the community uses the plant to give honor to an individual who has done exemplary performance or emerged victorious in a particular activity for example the Athletes, the politicians and students.

“The plant is worn around the neck and it acts as a symbol of protection from bad omen as it scares away evil spirits thus the plant was identified by the ancestors themselves,” Kitur explained

‘Sinendet’ is used during circumcision, traditional marriages and during dowry negotiations among the Kalenjin community and without it no event will be marked.

On Tuesday, many residents from the North Rift region were draped in ‘Sinendet’ as they watched the President’s swearing in ceremony at Kasarani to signify that they were celebrating or were in celebrations mood.