Sinoko PEFA Bishop leads congregants in blood donation exercise

Medical practitioners during the blood donation exercise
Medical practitioners during the blood donation exercise
The Sinoko PEFA church Bishop Mr. Maurice Wanjala in Bungoma County led his congregation in a blood donation exercise, saying it’s a suitable way of helping people. Speaking when commissioning the exercise, he said many patients have suffered due to the deficiency of blood and he thought it wise to assemble church members to take part in the donation to support patients in Bungoma County and beyond.
The Bishop and his family led the way, and his congregation and residents from other areas followed suit. He has urged other churches to support the exercise and that people shouldn’t limit assistance to only financial aid. He affirmed that he’ll continue with the exercise, which will be done thrice a year. On his part, the officer from the national blood transfusion service Bungoma chapter Thomas Wekesa lauded the exercise and thanked the Bishop for being role model in the community despite his old age, saying the blood will be available to patients in Bungoma and the neighbouring Counties. He pointed out that many times they’ve depended on blood donations from students but it’s been a challenge sometimes especially when schools are closed and they’ve opted to partner with churches as a result.