Sirisia MP issues stern warning to men taking advantage of young girls

Sirisia MP John Waluke
Sirisia MP John Waluke

Sirisia MP John Waluke has issued a stern warning to men who are taking advantage of the Covid-19 protocols to defile young girls.

Speaking in a funeral at Namutokholo village in Sirisia, Waluke said defilement cases are on the rise urging parents to take care of their children during this festive season.

“We have mature men who are going after our young girls enticing them with small gifts and ruin their lives. I will not sit down and let this happen and parents should join me in this war. If not we might lose the next generation,” said Waluke.

His sentiments were echoed by Bungoma deputy governor Charles Kibanani Ngome who said men are taking advantage of young girls who have been at home after closure of schools due to Covid-19 pandemic.

“Men have been lying to their wives at home claiming to be observing social distancing according to health protocols but the truth of the matter is that they are sleeping with young girls,” Ngome said.

Waluke added that Sirisia are going through tough times, especially this dry season and the government has invested a lot of money in water projects. He called upon the County government to intervene so that people can have access to clean water.

He further urged parents to spend wisely this holiday season keeping in mind that schools are opening on 4th of January “In our CDF program we have set aside Ksh 39 million to support needy and bright students to continue learning,” he said.

On other hand the legislature urged luhya leaders to stop party politics and unite to give direction ahead of 2022 polls.