Sirisia residents vow to lead protests if water issues aren’t solved

Mr. Peter Wepukhulu (left)

The residents of Malakisi/South Kulisiru Ward in Sirisia constituency are threatening to hold peaceful demonstrations if the water shortage problems in the area will not be addressed.

Speaking in Kulisiru village in Sirisia Sub County, the residents led by former KNUT treasurer Mr. Peter Wepukhulu blamed their leaders for allegedly not articulating their issues in the County assembly.

They said the situation is worsening day by day forcing them to walk for several kilometers in search of that important commodity and spending the whole day on queues to just fill a twenty liter container of water.

“Our people are suffering daily, I don’t know if the leaders are seeing this, most of our women are walking a very long distances to get a drop of water beside the roads and this is really getting serious” said Wepukhulu.

He also revealed that the poverty index is very high in the area as the youths who have qualified in different fields remain unemployed saying this has contributed a lot to the increase of insecurity cases and drug abuse in the area.

“Our youths are well learned unfortunately they have no jobs, the best they can do now is to become boda boda riders and this is tempting them to be involved in criminal activities,” he said.

He added that most of the parents in Sirisia constituency cannot afford to pay school fees making learners to drop out of school.

He urged leaders including the area member of parliament, women representative and MCAs to come out and empower women and youths through projects so as to improve their living standards and eliminate poverty.