Sitikho ward warned against attending disco matangas

Some of Mumbo FM fans condoling with one of their own in Welemba
Some of Mumbo FM fans in Welemba

Sitikho Sub location residents have been warned against night funeral dances known as disco matangas. Speaking during the burial of an uncle to Bungoma County Executive Committee Member (CEC) for Water, Environment and Natural Resources Renson Makheti in Sitikho, Webuye West Constituency, Assistant Chief for the area John Murutu stated that many youths especially school going are diverting from their usual behaviors because of the disco matanga.

“We have this thing called disco matangas, as the government we have banned it. Let this type of music be played during the day and if it’s at night try to reduce the volume so that it doesn’t interrupt with other people’s activities. Most youths are getting spoilt due to such dances,” said Murutu “Youths have taken advantage of loud music in funerals and meander at night causing disturbances to people by throwing stones on houses, involving in thefts and destroying people’s property, therefore as a government we are ready to deal with any youths of such caliber when caught according to the law,” he cautioned.

He, however, urged beneficiaries of the Bungoma County’s free maize seeds and fertilizer not to sell but use for planting as it will help curb poverty that is resulted from food insecurity.

“Getting fertilizer and maize seeds as the planting season is nearing is difficult therefore use what you have been given by the County government well, don’t sell and get back to the market to buy maize to use as food the way you are used to,” he said.

These sentiments were echoed by the area MCA Grace Sundukwa who stressed on the importance of the free fertilizer and maize.

“As we give you maize seeds and fertilizer we are after curbing poverty therefore I urge all those who benefitted not to sell since somebody somewhere has missed,” she stated.

Ms Sundukwa urged parents from the area to take their children who had completed class eight and form four to Vocational Training Centres to get experience that will help them sustain their lives. She however urged sugar cane farmers to take their canes to Nzoia Sugar Company to help it in its reviving process.

Francis Wasike giving his tributes during the burial of his mother
Francis Wasike giving his tributes during the burial of his mother

“We only have Sitikho Vocational Centre in our ward therefore make use of it, let us stop politicking on everything that goes on there. If there is any problem address it to the respective body a solution will be found,” she said.

“As Sitikho residents we depend a lot on sugar cane farming for a living, Nzoia Sugar Company had gone down to its knees for some time and you all saw and felt the pinch, for now it has began processing sugar therefore I humbly request you to support it fully for our own good,” she appealed.

Elsewhere hundreds of Mumbo FM (one of West Media stations) fans of Sitikho Umbrella in Webuye West turned up to condole with one of them who had lost his mother in Welemba village.

Addressing mourners, Francis Wasike Khayenjela who had lost his mother-Emily Namulanda- thanked Mumbo Fm for standing with him since his mother passed on.

He too appreciated the support from his fellow fans for being with him spiritually, materially and financially during the difficult moment of mourning his mother.

“Since I joined Mumbo FM Salaams club today my fellow fans have done something special to me, they gave me a cow that I slaughtered in my mother’s funeral, I had nothing to present if it were not for Mumbo even I can’t explain what would have happened,” Wasike said “I will continue listening to Mumbo today, tomorrow and forever.”

Sitikho Umbrella chairperson Rabecca Maina urged all Sitikho residents who are not in any fans salaams club to join one for their own benefit as she expressed her contentment to all fans that stood and condoled with Francis.

“If you have not joined any registered fans club make a step of joining us so that you may benefit from different projects we undertake,” said Mrs. Maina.