Soko Kubwa traders urge Wangamati to fulfill his promises

Soko Kubwa in Bungoma town
Soko Kubwa in Bungoma town

Traders at Soko Kubwa in Bungoma town have called out Governor Wycliffe Wangamati to fulfill the promises he made to them during his campaigns.

The market lacks amenities such as street lights, latrines and clean water. This exposes the traders to diseases and fear of being robbed their properties.

“If customers pay us fake money we will just receive  since there are no lights at night, even thugs can attack us, only God protects us because the street lights they installed here is always on for only fifteen minutes then goes off,”  said Linet Barasa.

She told West Media that the Governor has never set foot at the market. “If the Governor is a good leader he should pay a visit to the market and see how women are suffering, the kind of latrines we use in this place are very dirty especially during rain seasons.” She affirmed

The traders slammed Governor Wangamati’s regime as full of empty promises. “The general elections are fast approaching and they will come back asking us to re-elect them; if he wants us to re-elect him he should come and fulfil the promises he made to us.”

Zaituna Nelima another trader said that they respect the Governor and he should not disgrace himself before his employers.

“We are the one who employed him and if he wants us to give him a second chance he should come here and install this security lights.”

They assured him  that they have no issue with him as long as he fulfills his promises.

By Rayzone