“Stop complaining and support the government,” Oguna tells Kenyans.


The government spokesperson retired colonel Cyrus Oguna has downplayed Kenyans’ outcry over high living costs occasioned by high taxes.  Col.  Oguna during a press briefing on Tuesday urged Kenyans to stop whining over the taxes and instead support the government by promptly paying them.

“The government is not in business. It has a mandate of providing services to the citizens, and therefore am asking if we are not ready to help the government, who will help?”

Oguna who seemingly had a hard time explaining to journalists measures the government was taking to prevent Kenyans from adverse effects of increased oil prices in the country,  said the government had no control over the prices as they are determined by the global market.

Since COVID-19 pandemic hit the country, many Kenyans have been struggling to make their ends meet under harsh economic conditions.  The situation seems to get no better anytime soon with the Kshs. 7 increase on oil prices.

“We must agree that we are living in the world with other countries, not Kenya alone and if there is any change in oil prices we will also be affected. Today the prices have risen due to high demand as compared to last year,” Oguna said.

Meanwhile, only half of the 4.5 million Kenyans have responded to mobile phone messages directing them to collect their huduma cards. Col. Oguna says the government is in the process of phasing out the current national id cards urging Kenyans to pick their huduma cards.