Stop being compromised, journalists urged

Some of the journalists in the conference

Journalists have been urged to come out and report issues as they unfold and go an extra mile to provide vital information to the public that may be of importance and help them understand their rights towards devolution matters.

In a five day workshop organized by the Deutsche Welle Akademie (DW Akademie) in Bungoma town on good governance and corruption in news writing reporters drawn from various radio stations in the country were asked by the organizers Ulli Shauen and Tole Nyatta to make sure they provide important information to the public that they have been missing for a very long time since the initiation of devolution

Some of the journalists at the conference

This comes after several complaints and accusations from the members of the public in some regions having denied access to vital documents like the budget documents to know how much was allocated for specific departments.

In the workshop the two trainers clearly pointed out that the public has been missing the information it needs due to some laziness in some journalists who give half baked information to the public instead of following facts as they emerge.

Ulli Schaeun said that for the public to be satisfied with the available information and happenings around them journalists have to move from their comfort zones and go an extra mile on research issues provide well researched stories and materials plus analysis on emerging issues.

They urged the journalists to get primary sources for their stories documents verify them before publishing or airing them to build up confidence from their listeners.

Objectivity in the stories was an emerging issue during the workshop and the reporters were asked to stop playing Public relations in some of their stories after being compromised by an individual but report on issues as they unfold.

An example of information that is never closely followed is the budgetary allocation of money to different ministries how the amount is used and according to the county integrated development plan

In the available documents it was realized that a certain amount of money is allocated to some ministries and projects and later diverted to other investment issues that are never told to the public and later the public receiving a raw deal.

Ulli cited the importance of the public to be told about the achievements of the county, the proposed ceilings and incorporate members by asking them questions that need vital answers.

Tole Nyatta urged the reporters to avoid discussions, opinions during interviews and look for people who are well versed to the subject with enough research that will provide enough information to the public.

It is in this workshop that reporters who were available came out strongly and acknowledged the importance of the workshop saying it provided more skills and techniques of carrying out their duties as journalists.

The workshop was crowned by the station managers awarding certificates of attendance to the participants who attended the training.